Focus Brings Long Term Results

This was opportunistic thinking and diminished my efforts as I got started by adding more work rather than focusing on one business. It was all very tempting to try and run them at the same time to see which one would take off. Unfortunately there was no focus and when times got tough I jumped across to work on the business that interested me more.

Opportunistic Thinking Is Bad

If you are like me and see that everything is possible and always keeping an open mind about business ideas, then you will find it irresistible to try new ideas. Trust me I’ve learnt the hard way. So how have I changed this? I’m a huge fan of Yaro Starak’s blog – and one day he wrote a post about his coach Rich Schefren who was launching a new coaching program. As usual most internet marketers have a system to launch their new products and give away a lot of free quality information that can be applied straight away. They do this so they can build rapport with you and show that their information is useful before they start their sales pitch on you. As I knew the information was free and they just wanted my email address, I downloaded Rich’s eBook, the “Internet Manifesto”. If you haven’t read it, I would recommend you get a copy of it immediately.

The Change in Mindset

After reading the “Internet Manifesto”, I had a profound moment that I would change the way I operate my business. My mindset went from “thinking opportunistic” to “thinking strategically” meaning if I wanted to build a long term business I would have to set up the right systems and hire staff to leverage my time. I realised that I couldn’t do everything myself. Rich’s famous flowchart accurately shows how most Solo Enterpreneurs run their Internet Businesseses today. (I’m one of them and have taken action to outsource a lot of my work since then).
Since then I have taken action to sell my businesses that are not part of my goals and made a mental decision to not start new business opportunities.

Focus Is Key

Since I was compelled to find out more, I downloaded the rest of Rich’s series of books which are listed below:

1. Internet Manifesto
2. The Missing Chapter
3. The Final Chapter
4. Attention Age Doctrine Part 2
5. Maven Matrix Manifesto
6. The Entrepreneurial Emergency

Through this series I learned that I needed to focus on one task at a time, not five at a time (today’s generation calls it multi-tasking). Making that shift helped me improve time efficiency and also get tasks completed that generated more money. Additionally, you need to use your strengths to focus on a task and learn to outsource the rest that you are not good at. This is the key to long-term success in any business.

The Little Known Travel Helpers

If you’ve ever traveled, whether frequently or once per year, you know that with few exceptions, you forget something on almost every trip. Forgotten items range from extra socks to hotel supplies like shampoo and conditioner which, thankfully, most hotels offer in complimentary sizes. Sometimes, especially today with airlines charging as much as $45 per piece of checked luggage, there are hotel supplies we simply cannot fit in the space carry on luggage allows such as irons, ironing boards and hangers, which most hotels provide anyway. Luckily for you and me, and the rest of our fellow travelers, if not mind readers necessarily, hotels have gotten intuitive and have begun carrying frequently forgotten hotel supplies for their guests’ convenience and comfort.

Hotels see hundreds of thousands of travelers annually giving them a window into the habits of consumers like you and me. Everybody organizes their hotel stays, depending on the purpose of their trip, differently. Some people use their PDAs to help them keep track of what they must pack, what they’ve packed and what they’re lacking or need to buy while others make handwritten lists. Of course, as anyone who works in hotels knows, lists are as fallible as the people who make them and it’s not at all unusual for people to forget one or more of the beauty and hotel supplies they need, even if they were on the packing list. Thankfully hotels typically keep a stock of disposable razors, shower caps and other assorted amenities for their guests.

When interior designers design and furnish hotels and the guest rooms within them, the idea is to create warm, welcoming, functional spaces and furnishing them with useful, quality hotel supplies. Art, clocks and plants are great for open spaces, common areas or conference rooms. Practical amenities including hair dryers, irons and heavy duty luggage racks have function and purpose; additionally, they accessorize guest rooms in hotels beautifully. While hotels try to cover the widest range of possible guest needs, the amenities they offer in lieu of accomplishing the task will vary depending upon the hotel, class of hotel and branding.

As hotels see travelers from near and far, they know that many usually forget one or another of the hotel supplies they use frequently. As a result, many hotels have opened little “shops” that stock single serve snacks, single use over-the-counter medicines like Tylenol and Advil and other essential hotel supplies for purchase. In many cases, hotels that offer convenience stores as amenities provide for purchase a much wider array of amenities, travel necessities and hotel supplies which guests appreciate. These items, which will vary based on the quality of the hotel itself, may include everything from blankets and travel pillows to mini sewing kits and headphones, are quality hotel supplies.

Hotels know their guests appreciate knowing that their needs and wants are taken into consideration when hotel supplies and amenities are being purchased. Having had 1,000s, and perhaps millions, of guests walk through their doors, hotels know that while pleasing everybody every time isn’t realistic, furnishing guest rooms and common areas with the right quality accessories that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing is smart. Being able to offer guests a wide array of quality amenities and hotel supplies will benefit both hotels and their appreciative guests.